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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tara H. {2012}

Class of 2012!  :)

My absolute FAVORITE!  :)

Who doesn't like a HUGE fork full of Mac~N~ Cheese!?  LOL!  :)

Another favorite!

Thank you Tara!  Good luck to you this year, and have fun!  :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 4th of July at Churchill Downs!

Central Avenue....at it's finest.  :)

You go Juanita, girl!

No comment.

There she is.... it's been a LONG time!

I don't like bourbon, but the pic was cool.  :)

They have these cool horse statues all around the city of Louisville. 

Flags for Veterans. <3

At the paddocks watching all the horses parade around before their race.

Cool mural! When I loaded this on facebook, it highlighted the guys face in the bottom left corner for me to "TAG" him! LOL!

The mighty infield....you should see it on DERBY DAY!

Me and my big sis Michelle.  xoxo  :)

Aaaaaaand......THEY'RE OFF!

Here they come!  And YES, I did win on this race!  I think it was $22.  :)  Hey! Better than nothing!

Good 'ol Helliecat came through for me.  I shoulda bet MORE!

Aaaahhhh! Refreshing!

My nieces Alex and Samantha.  xoxoxo  :)

BFF's  :)  Boy, can we make each other LAUGH!  My stomach hurts after I come home! LOL!

I mean really!  That is one of the MOST beautiful creatures I've ever seen!  WOW!!!!

Statue of Secretariat

And this one!  I made an awesome canvas out of it after I made an HDR photo out of it!  :)  It's going in Ziggy's Coffee Shop on Main St. in Longmont, CO in Sept! 

And yes, as we were leaving we HAD to take a photo of this....poor guy getting a DUI on his bicycle.  Who knew!?

DoooooH!  There go the hands!

Samantha asking, "Mommy, why is that man getting arrested?"  LOL!  And as you can see, the man is CLEARLY stating his innocence here! LOL!

TOOT's Bar and Grill.  Really?  LOL!

Until next year Churchill Downs!  I will be back....for Derby 138!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)