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Monday, January 30, 2012

I Heart Faces...OH so SILLY faces!

This photos session was one of THE MOST fun ones I've done yet!  Obviously, as you can see, it was A Christmas Story theme.  Their faces are PRICELESS...AND Oh So Silly!  LOL!    

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Turkey Reubens...YUM!

So here is an AWESOME twist to your traditional Reuben....TURKEY REUBENS!  You will need 1 pound of deli turkey, sliced swiss cheese, sour dough bread, 1 bag of shredded cole slaw, a jar of Thousand Island dressing and olive oil.

Here's where the WOW comes in...  mix the Thousand Island dressing with the cole slaw!  Just use your judgement on how much.  It should look like this below...

Then you will use a basting brush and lightly brush the olive oil onto one side of each slice of sour dough bread.  It's better for you than BUTTER, but by all means, use butter if you want! :)
Just like that!

Next, add the turkey, cheese and Thousand Island cole slaw to the bread.  Make sure you add 2 slices of cheese....one on each side ....bread side first.  When it melts, it will hold things together in the sandwich! 

And of course, this is just for show.  Quite good!  :)

Then once you have all the sandwiches put together, place them all on a griddle and cook them on Medium High until the bread is golden brown.


Monday, January 16, 2012

I Heart Faces...Family Fun!

What screams FAMILY FUN more than a poor sweet innocent little girl crying, "I've HAD ENOUGH!"  And sweet little 2 month old brother is CLEARLY ready for some picture takin'!  And look at sweet, dear 'ol Dad wiping her tears.  And poor Mom was just a teensie weensie stressed.  What we will do for family photos!  I love this family!  No matter how stressed they APPEAR to be, there are still one of the most beautiful families I've ever had the privilege of taking photos for.  :)       <3

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wine bottle crafts!

Whooooa nelly!  That's a LOT of wine bottles!  Well, you must be thinking, "Man, that girl is an alcoholic!"  But NO, I am not.  My friends are.  I'll admit, some of them are mine.  I like wine.  Which is what prompted me to do this little project in the first place.  So, first thing you'll need to do is get those damn labels off.  Soak them in HOT soapy water for about 30 minutes in your kitchen sink, then scrape them off with a butter knife.  Works great!  Then take a Magic Eraser and scrub those bottles squeeky clean!  I love Magic Erasers. 

Then, go to any craft store and buy anything that tickles your fancy.  I'm not a big fan of Michael's, but since today is Sunday, Hobby Lobby isn't open.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Hobby Lobby, except for the fact that they are not open on Sunday.  But, in Michael's defense, they did have a good sale going. 

And you are going to need this!  I bought this at Lowe's for $3. and something.  I bought 2 of them b/c I have so many alcoholic friends who gave me their wine bottles.  {THANK YOU HEATHER!}  So I have a LOT of bottles to decorate!

Make sure you get the green and purple ones to make a cluster of grapes out of.  And make sure they are FLAT on the bottom. 

Well, ok then!  On to the Fleur de Leis.  This is a sticker that I found in the scrap book section.  Peel and stick it on.  YEP! That easy.  Repeat 3 times! {As you will see in the next photo} 

Here you can take a sharpie pen and mark where you wanna put more BLING BLING.  Just so you can visualize your pattern. 

Really this is pretty self explanatory.  Just a little dab will do ya.  And a little TIP... Use tweezers to grab the tiny lil jewels.  Much easier than your fat fingers. 

**VOILA**  I know what you're thinking....."AH MAN! She f'd it up! It's upside down!"  NO, NO, NO!  The point here is to take a .75" copper pipe {NOT SHOWN ... obviously} about 3 ft long, place the copper pipe into the opening of the wine bottle, punch it into the ground, place a t lite on top, and there you have it.... A WINE BOTTLE TIKI TORCH! 

This is Isaac {my 13 y.o. son} holding this one for me.  He was not happy in wanting to help.  As you can see he has a tight grip and wants to slug me with it.  Well, folks, luckily for him he didn't.  He is still alive and well. 


Cute little butterfly.  :)

And here's one with the FLAT glass beads.  I also bought silk flower/leaves.  You can buy copper wire, which I'm sure isn't cheap.  But luckily for me, we are finishing the basement and there was copper wire everywhere!  YAY for me!  I picked it out of the trash and it was as good as new!

I just threw this one in for effect, since I am a photographer.  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sun flare.  COOL.
Place it on a copper pipe {AGAIN, not shown} and punch it in the ground.  Place a t lite on top! 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Smallest Broncos Fans

I'll admit...I'm NOT a Broncos fan, but seriously.....how could you NOT be after seeing THIS! Tim Tebow's heart would melt!  She's praying for  a WIN too!  :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beautiful Colorado sunsets

We in Colorado are so lucky to get some of THE MOST beautiful sunsets on the planet!  Enjoy!  :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Heart {BEST} Faces...2011

This was SOOOOO difficult!  I took a lot of photos this year, and I just kept coming back to this sweet lil gal!  Meet Ms. Mora.  She is just the most Happy~Go~Lucky gal.  She was adopted from Haiti by this beautiful family who just adore her {and the other SIX kiddos} they have!  The are some of the most Free~Spirited people I have ever have had the pleasure of meeting. Her face just says it all.....  HAPPY!  :)

Photo Challenge Submission

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet 'Lil Peeps

I had a wonderful time "shooting" these peeps!  :)  Sweet, sweet, SWEET!