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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kentucky Derby 136 at the Bartons

The Kentucky Derby came to US this year! I want to thank all of our friends for coming! It was a great time!

Aimee took 1st place for best Lady's hat! Way to go Aimee! You're so creative!

Chad pouring his wife a BIG glass of something! LOL!

Rochelle modeling for the camera.

Money Bags

Female arm wrestling!
Mary, Mary!

Rochelle and Kevin

Cathy and Leslie

DEEP conversation

Not sure what I'm doing?

Everyone getting their money ready for the next race!

No explanation needed here.

My hat....that was half made by me, half made by Heather who was a bum and in New Orleans!

Very intense moment when everyone rushed me to get in on the next race!

Kevin and Doug

SHOW ME DA MONEY! Chris won the jackpot of $674!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie and Kaitlyn

Tami and Linda

Nola and her awesome hat!

Toni and Linda

I love this pic of you Cathy! :)

Leslie and John intently watching

Well, hello Ms. Daisy! CUTE!

And here's Mark. Our 1st place winner for men's hat!

More intense conversation

Darrell and Nola

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