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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MACRO lens 10X.....Oooh fun!

I had so much fun editing these photos. So many cool things you can do. In January 2011, I have a spot at the Winot Coffee Shop in Niwot, CO to hang about 10-12 pieces of "art", and I've decided that these are some of the ones that I will frame. You be the judge on which are YOUR favorites!

Invert Effect. Very dramatic! I LOVE it!

B&W focal. Love it too.

This one is my absolute favorite! So I'll be doing this one for sure!

Cool effect on this one too. B&W focal again.

This is the "invert" effect. I love these!

I love the B&W ones. Makes more dramatic statements.

LOTS of detail.


  1. Shannon you are sooooooo talented!!! I love so many of your pictures!

  2. FANTASTIC, love them all, but I think my favs are the pinks! Very nice work!!!