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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Road to Hope

I've never really believed in coincidences, as most of you know. But I have goose bumps writing my blog for the day. :)

During our trip to Beaver Creek a few weeks ago, Dan and I and the boys were sitting at the Blue Moose for lunch. Outside on the sidewalk there was a fountain that shot the water out of the ground. Of course, I had my camera handy, trying to get a few photos of Jack. That's when I fell in love with this little girl (and her brother too!)

You will see why as you scroll down to see the rest of the story...

He just melted my heart!

She just could NOT contain her excitement!

So sweet.

This one is my favorite.

Today the t.v. was on 9NEWS @ Noon. I never watch the news at NOON! Well, today I did.

Just as I sat down, the news anchor was interviewing a Denver attorney, Rich Harris about his recent trip to Haiti with his wife Lisa. "Shortly after visiting Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, the couple founded a non-profit called The Road to Hope, which is raising money to help build a village in Archaie, Haiti. The village will include an orphanage, medical clinic and school, and will include self-sustaining agriculture, water and a vocational training program". (Courtesy 9NEWS) The couple recently adopted two orphans from Haiti, and when they showed the family photo on the t.v. I realized it was those two beautiful children I had photographed a few weeks ago! As soon as I realized it was them, I felt the need to post the organization on my blog. So, THANK YOU Lisa for letting me post their photos. They are very lucky to have you and your husband in their lives.

So, check out their website.