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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Harris Family

First of all, I want to thank the Harris' for letting me come their home and spend some time photographing their family. What a great family! :)

Look at those eyes!!!

I love these close ups!


Big 'ol SMILE!

She is such a little ham. :)

Now that looks like he's up to something. ;)

I was just getting warmed up and letting the kiddos play.

I showed D his photo on my camera and he loved it!

I love it when the kids aren't watching me. I like to be sneaky.

Mom had a GREAT idea! PYRAMID!

And then THIS happened! Hahahaha! You'd think D had been seriously injured, but OH NO! They were all cracking up! This is my FAVORITE photo. Mom said she wishes Livies face were in view, then she would have framed it! LOL! EVERY TIME I see this photo, I belly laugh! It just makes my day! :)

What a great smile!

Soooooo adorable!

D was putting lots of rocks down in his shirt! LOL!

I LOVE this one! Too cute! You look JUST like your mom!

JUST the girls!

Just the guys!


  1. HEY! WOW! i didn't know you had a blog - I love it! Your photos are WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL! What a GORGEOUS family! Love ya! xoxo

  2. Beautiful pictures Shannon! I love the one of the little guy doing a 'hand stand' too! What a beautiful family!