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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ms. Lauren and 'Lil Ms. Nola

Well, what can I say?  Beautiful girls with pig tails and adorable puppies make for super awesome photos! Makes my job much easier!

Lauren's uncle said, "Timeless. She could be carrying a fishing pole and skipping rocks with Andy Griffith."  LOL! So true!

How could this one NOT be your favorite!?  I sure know that it's MINE! :)

But then there IS this one!

You look JUST like your mama here! :)

This truck was just WAITING for someone to have their photo made with it!

Dirty feet! PERFECT for this photo!  LOL!

Thank you again Heather and Lauren...AND Nola! :)  What a great time...and I apologize for any of Jack's unruliness.  ;)

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