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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wall collage projects DONE!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this window pane in an antique store!  I was squealing like a kid in a candy store!  The panes are all 7x7in of glass, so I ordered all of my photos in B&W 5x5.  I adhered them to the FRONT of the glass with double sided tape.  I wanted the wall to show through just a bit.  Then added my stars.... *VOILA*!  THANK YOU Pinterest for the idea!  :)

Another pinterest idea!  I traced all of my frames onto wrapping paper, cut them out and hung them with that blue painters tape that peels off the wall with NO problems.  I nailed the nail right over the paper, hung the frame, then ripped off the paper!  *VOILA!*  :)

And the 2 of them together!  I waited THREE YEARS b/f I just KNEW what I wanted to do!  :)

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