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Monday, January 30, 2012

Turkey Reubens...YUM!

So here is an AWESOME twist to your traditional Reuben....TURKEY REUBENS!  You will need 1 pound of deli turkey, sliced swiss cheese, sour dough bread, 1 bag of shredded cole slaw, a jar of Thousand Island dressing and olive oil.

Here's where the WOW comes in...  mix the Thousand Island dressing with the cole slaw!  Just use your judgement on how much.  It should look like this below...

Then you will use a basting brush and lightly brush the olive oil onto one side of each slice of sour dough bread.  It's better for you than BUTTER, but by all means, use butter if you want! :)
Just like that!

Next, add the turkey, cheese and Thousand Island cole slaw to the bread.  Make sure you add 2 slices of cheese....one on each side ....bread side first.  When it melts, it will hold things together in the sandwich! 

And of course, this is just for show.  Quite good!  :)

Then once you have all the sandwiches put together, place them all on a griddle and cook them on Medium High until the bread is golden brown.


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