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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beary Merry Christmas!

Before the show.  Jack was SOOOO excited! He kept posing. HA!

Each 1st grader had to bring their own bear from home.  Jack's bear is 23 years old! It was his brother Ryan's bear. :)

Jack....looking RIGHT at the camera!

Here we go.

Singing along.

OMG!  He was SOOO into it.  We were crying laughing!

So sweeeeet!

MORE drama!

Jazz hands!  LOL!

The kids on either side of Jack don't look all that thrilled!  LOL!


Totally exhausted from all the drama.  ;)

NOT!  This boy NEVER runs out of energy.  If I could bottle it and sell it....well, I'd be a BILLIONARE.  :P

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