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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Men On Earth

WOW!  Ok, so this was quite the challenge!  Photographing a concert.  :) I want to thank my friend Jason Olson (2nd from left) for asking me to do this for the band.  It helped ME learn a few things....(Like, I need an awesome SB-900 Nikon Speed Light!) But in all seriousness, it forced me to go with the cool lighting that I had.  The band was like a rainbow....Red, Blue, Purple, Green....You'll see.  :)

A few test shots before they got started.  COOL!

This cool place is Dicken's Opera House in Longmont, CO.  Lots of history in this old building.

Lawrence Jenkins, Steve Clark, Mike Holubec

Jason Olson (Jack's guitar teacher, I might add!)

Lawrence and Steve

Jason and Lawrence

Steve...beltin' out a"Yeeeeeaaaaaah!"

Steve, Mike and Mark Trippensee on drums

Mark Trippensee.  Now, he was a challenge back there in the back amongst all the drums and microphones.  ;)

Jason, rockin' it OUT!

This was right before Jason's guitar started SmOkIn'!  LOL!  Playin' a little Eddie VanHalen solo, ERUPTION.

Lookin' all serious.


Thanks guys! ;)

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