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Friday, December 10, 2010

I Heart Faces Fix*It*Friday

The original photo by Jessica Paige

I went into Lightroom and cropped it just a tiny bit.  I kept a 8x10 ratio.  Recovery light ~ 74; Brightness ~ 71; Clarity ~ (-55); Vibrance 27; Sharpen ~ 33

Then before I exported, I added Vinette (-43).  Then in the Export process, I added the Honey Grunge Texture.  *VOILA*


  1. Once again, nice work Shannon...great creativity. Hey, I have CS5, if you're interested, it's $free.99 for you :) Send me an email if you like.

  2. Love the first one. It was a great photo to start off with and you played up all that was great about it - the late afternoon sun hitting their hair and the white frame - without over-processing it. Great job! And thanks for the comments on mine.

  3. Love how you used the texture! This has such a nostalgic feeling! Love it!

  4. Great job, Shannon! I love the way you brought so much light into it ... looks perfect! The second one is soft, and very nicely done! :)